Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lacy's "Black Middle-Class Suburbia"

We believe that we have made many advances in sociological manners, but racism still exists. In the article, Karyn Lacy discusses how middle-class blacks think about their integration into the American mainstream and shows how they feel about themselves.

According to Lacy, “Middle-class blacks' willingness to assimilate into the American mainstream is tempered by their belief that racial discrimination has not waned.” (Adler 216) As this quote shows, these days, they live in a stable environment economically and socially, but they still feel as they need something more and not enough to fit in their class.

In the article, the people who were interviewed had a hard time about black colleges and white colleges. They want their daughter to go to a white college regardless of what their daughter interest in or which college convenient for her while she wants to attend black college. They believe that attending white college would be helpful to experience the “real world”. They believe that it will make them to assimilate into white American mainstream and it will lead them to better life. At this point, I wonder why they believe the real world exists in white American culture not in their own world. I believe that if they don’t consider themselves as American mainstream, racial discrimination will continue forever.

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